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Book an experience with a local in Accra, Cape Town, or Johannesburg

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Join a fully curated small group trip. Most itineraries last 7-10 days and include a four star hotel, carefully curated dining, and exclusive tours and experiences.
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We've partnered with the festival celebrating all things dope and other to bring you Tastemakers experiences all around the world. These limited edition experiences bring Africa Everywhere for a limited time only.
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Live Your Best Life

Snapshots from our IG feed. Tag #tstmkrsafrica
to be featured on our instagram page

Live Your Best Life

Snapshots from our Instagram tag #tstmkrsafrica to be featured on our instagram page


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Travel like you have a well connected friend in every African city

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Multi-day immersions into destinations that go beyond the obvious

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Real time info on what to do, where to go, and who to do it with

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Hosts and insiders who make up the fabric of their cities, watch this space and do something epic.